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Red Mountain Cycle or redmountaincycle.com does not or cannot make any express or implied warranties or endorsements for products. If you have a warranty issue please contact us and we will help your determine the best manner to get you taken care of. We have several options to be able to refund, replace or offer warranty work for the product that has issues. We want to make sure you get taken care of in a timely manner.

Red Mountain Cycle is also not liable in any way for the use, misuse, or damage caused by any product displayed or purchased through Red Mountain Cycle or redmountaincycle.com.

Intellectual Property

The content on redmountaincycle.com or any network or associated sites are the sole property of Red Mountain Cycle, redmountaincycle.com, and/or our partners or vendors. This content is protected by federal law. Red Mountain Cycle and redmountaincycle.com claim the intellectual rights to this content. If you would like to print, screen shot, or download a portion of our website for non-commercial or personal use, you may. You may not publish, republish, or modify any of our content without our express written permission. Red Mountain Cycle and redmountaincycle.com may use licensed 3rd party content or software. This content is federally protected along with all content belonging to Red Mountain Cycle and redmountaincycle.com. You may not alter or edit any intellectual property from Red Mountain Cycle, redmountaincycle.com, and any of its 3rd party partners or content providers.

Adjustments to Policies

We reserve the right to change these polices at any time without any user consent. If we do make any changes they will be effective from that time forward. If you continue to use the site you agree to follow the polices and agreements. 

Legal Restrictions on Products

Not all products we sell are legal in all 50 states. We reserve the right to cancel these orders. You are ultimately responsible to know the laws in your area regarding the product you are purchases. You also agree not to hold Red Mountain Cycle and redmountaincycle.com liable in any way.

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