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By accessing or using our site in linking and/or any activity that ties to our website, social media, or other pages regarding our brands, you designate yourself a User and agree to the terms of this agreement. This agreement acts as the ruling and determining document for any agreement, rule, policy or terms of service or use at basinsports.com. For questions regarding this agreement please contact [email protected]


At redmountaincycle.com we use cookies. Cookies help enable specific functions of the services of the website. Cookies also provide analytics, store your user preferences, and enable catered content advertisements. redmountaincycle.com may use both persistent and session cookies. If you don’t want cookies on your computer, please see the help section of your favorite web browser to choose your personal options. We will not store any personal data.

Inventory & Pricing Errors

At redmountaincycle.com we always strive for accuracy, however there may be times when errors may occur. If you order something that we are be out of stock on, or that we may have listed at an incorrect price or incorrect product information, we promise it is a genuine error.  If this does happen however, we reserve the right to cancel the order or not fill that order. If we have already charged your credit card, we will promptly refund the purchase price to the credit card. If we have an option to issue another item, we will contact your asap to discuss those options and give you the choice on how you would like to proceed. We reserve the right to change or adjust pricing at any time and without notice.


By using this site you have agreed to our privacy policy.

Our privacy policy is simple. We don’t want our personal information shared for inappropriate reasons, so we won’t share yours. We will take every reasonable measure to make sure your information is safe. We will also not sell your information.


Red Mountain Cycle will make every reasonable effort to make sure you and your data are safe and secure while shopping or using our site. As a user of our website or any other website, you are assuming total responsibility and risk from the use of our site or any links associated with or accessed by our website.

As you are probably already aware there are people that would like steal your personal data. You must assume total responsibility for your use of the internet including redmountaincycle.com content or downloads.